What is Tezfiles?

Tezfiles is the leading cloud storage network to bring you the fastest downloads and uploads of your files. Our users experience the best there is when it comes to file hosting, retrieving and sharing your files has never been so easy. Sign up today to get free storage!

Is there any limit to the type of Files that can be uploaded to Tezfiles?

You can upload just about any type of file that you own to the Tezfiles. There are limitations on executable files and other potentially malicious files, this is to protect our servers, your data and the users of Tezfiles. The key restriction to note are for copyrighted material. Please refer to our TOS for more info on Tezfiles terms of service.

I have created an account and Tezfiles asked me to activate my account but I did not receive an email?

From time to time emails can end up in the junk email folder, check your junk or spam folder for the email. Once you find it let your email provider (Gmail, HotMail, outlook) know it isn't spam. Click the link in this email to activate your account, if you are having any problems with these please don't hesitate to contact us on Tezfiles Support.

Where are the files to search for?

All files on the servers are completely private unless the owner of the file distributes the link to others.

How would I get fastest download speeds with Tezfiles?

In order to get full speed of your connection using Tezfiles servers you need to be a premium user. Please sign up as a premium user and be logged in when you request the file. Secondly, the use of a download manager like JDownloader can also help you gain faster speeds through multiple connections on multiple files.

What should I do If I forget my login details?

If you have forgotten your login credentials, you can request them to be resent to your registered email here, otherwise log a ticket with our Helpdesk and we will assist you.

I have paid for premium why has my account not been upgraded?

In order to upgrade your basic account, you may have received a Premium code depending on the payment method chosen. In order to use this code you should login to your account and go to the My Account Page. On the My Account page there is an option to apply a premium key just type in the key here and click apply. If you have any issues with this please contact Tezfiles Support.

I could not find the answer on this FAQ page for Tezfiles?

It would be impossible to list all of the potential questions our users may have, so utilise our support portal and send us a ticket.

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